The Innovation Day as a meeting platform for all those interested in the topics of technology transfer and business start-ups at KIT is a firmly established event in the KIT calendar.

The event was last held on July 06, 2022, under the guiding theme "Sustainable Innovation". The digital as well as present program, streamed live from the KIT Audimax, was extensive and thematically colorful. In addition to exciting expert presentations, this year's highlights also included the founder pitch including subsequent awarding, a laudation on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the innovation competition, the awarding of the innovation prizes, and two interesting keynotes from industry. You can find a detailed summary of the last Innovation Day in our follow-up report. We have compiled impressions of the day for you in our picture gallery. The highlight video provides a compact summary of all program points.

Next Innovation Day in 2024

In 2023, the Innovation Day will take a break, as KIT will then invite to the Science Week. However, we would be very pleased if you discover NEULAND with us again in 2024. It is best to register today for the invitation list to the Innovation Day so that we can inform you in time. We are already looking forward to the next Innovation Day with anticipation and look forward to your participation.

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